Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Download Battle Raper II 18+

Battle Raper II, players are able to knock female opponents' clothing off. In combat every character has unlimited guard, a move that can not be blocked, and a super move. As opposed to the first Battle Raper, the sequel actually does not feature rape. Once a fight against a female character is won, the game enters a special mode where the unconscious woman lies on the ground in front of the player who now has to heal her wounds. The Replay mode allows the player to have (consensual) sex with any female characters that finished the storyline with. The game also features a variety of alternative clothing items and weapons for all the characters that can be used to edit their models.

The story line has no relations to the original Battle Raper and is set in the year "20XX". In the Story mode the player gets to choose one of the female characters to accompany the player's character, a young treasure hunter swordsman named Yuuki, while he travels the island, fighting undead monsters and other female characters (his competitors), and to have sex with her in the end.

Battle Raper II

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